CresGro started off in 2018 as a project between four friends with a passion for entrepreneurship, business and the desire to build something truly great. We started focussing on e-commerce and soon realised that each store is a modern-day entrepreneurial enterprise posing huge potential (with the right advice and funding) to be grown into something truly special. This summarises our vision and mission. Supporting entrepreneurs to grow something truly special, never trying to sway for short-term profits and always creating an excellent customer experience by staying true to entrepreneurs with true brands in which they believe. During our first year of operation, we had two entrepreneurs join us through the acquisition of two online stores namely, Woodworks and The Tie Keeper. Woodworks has its origins going back in 2014 when two brothers and a friend started off an e-commerce company which specifies in high quality affordable wooden and semi-wooden sunglasses. Their initial idea was to try and sell as many sunnies as possible over the Christmas holidays in 2014, divide the profits and look for the next great idea. Wow, where they proved wrong! Over the next five years, Woodworks grew from strength to strength and the business expanded its online as well as physical store footprint in SA. Today Woodworks is an original and true brand to the CresGro mission. The story of The Tie Keeper starts in 2018 in a small cottage in the southern shade of Table Mountain in Cape Town. As a project in their free time, the brand came to life during the early mornings and late nights of winter in the Cape. The teams enthusiasm for a distinct style, design and collaboration was carried forth into their unique vision and products. Their dedicated and committed founder together with the diversity of their products make them the perfect fit for the CresGro team.